The UK has an illustrious history when it comes to boy bands; we can legitimately claim to have created the first, and some would say, the best boy bands ever formed!

The Beatles were the first group to truly ignite the loyalty and devotion that comes with the territory of ‘boy bands.’ Since then, we’ve never been short of marvellous males to swoon over. From the Bay City Rollers, Take That, Five to Westlife and more recently One Direction.

But prepare yourself for the next British boy band sensation ‘Union J’.

Made of up of Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley and George Shelley, the band were formed through the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012. Despite only coming fourth in the competition, Union J are firmly set on the road to stardom.

Union J have all the ingredients necessary to make it in the tough world of music. 

Handsome, charming and hardworking, they have already gained a substantial following of fans, also known as ‘JCats’ (1.42million Twitter followers and 1.3million Facebook fans).  

With all the activity they have planned, 2014 could well be the year of Union J! In particular, we’re excited to see there are 3 more singles and a second album on the horizon. Plus there will be additional product launches, festival performances and other public appearances, meaning we will be seeing a lot more of these four cheeky chappies! Great news for all JCats!

Plus, even more good news if you’re a fan – you can now celebrate your birthday with the boys with these official personalised Union J birthday cards. From only £2.79 and with Free UK Delivery.

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The first few weeks of any new year can be some of the harshest; with the combination of paying for the excesses of Christmas, cold, wet weather and short, dark days, it can all take its toll and leave you feeling downhearted.

Just as well then that February sees the welcome arrival of St.Valentines day, where romantic souls can let loose with flights of fancy and declare their feelings of love and affection with cards and gifts.  But how did this holiday and card-giving tradition actually come about?

History of Valentine’s Day and Giving of Cards

Valentine greetings have actually been popular since the Middle Ages, a time when prospective lovers said or sang their romantic verses, however it wasn’t until 1400’s that this Christian feast day became definitively associated with love and the first written Valentines messages were introduced. The oldest known Valentine’s Day card was written by the imprisoned Charles, the Duke of Orleans, to his wife in 1415.

Whilst there has been much mystery surrounding the origins of Valentine’s Day, most scholars believe that it celebrates Saint Valentine, a young Catholic priest, who in Roman times conducted marriage ceremonies against the Emperor’s wishes. Emperor Claudius believed young men who enlisted in the army, made better soldiers if they weren’t encumbered by marriage, (slightly short sighted if you ask me, as how he thought he’d stock future armies without more children is a mystery). However for the lucky few, Father Valentine performed clandestine marriages, making himself unpopular with the Roman Empire. So unpopular in fact, that they had him executed! It is also said that while in prison awaiting his execution, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and allegedly sent her a letter signed ‘love from your valentine’.


                        St Valentine                                

Over the centuries, this romantic holiday has evolved but it was the Victorians who really picked up the ball and ran with it, introducing the custom of sending handmade Valentines cards, seizing the chance to display how they felt about loved ones. And so popular has it become, that it is now ranks second on the list of the occasions on which to send cards (with over 1 billion cards being sent worldwide) only out stripped by Christmas.

One of Oldest Preserved Valentines Cards (1790)

So for the romantic among us, don’t forget to send your love to the one you love tomorrow and hope you all have a Happy Valentines’ Day!

Plus here’s a few more fun facts you might not know about Valentine’s Day:

  • More than 110 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day
  • Approx 73% of Valentine’s Day flowers are sent by men with 15% of women sending themselves flowers
  • Approx 3% send cards to their pets. Dogs being the most popular pet, then cats
  • Women spend almost half of what Men do on Valentines Day
  • More than 30% of men would prefer not to receive a gift while less than 20% of women feel the same way

HAPPY NEW YEAR….You know how it is, it always takes a couple of weeks to remember to write 2014, so we’ll get some practice in right now & wish you all a happy and memorable 2014, new year, new beginnings and a new look here at

Let us know what your New Year resolutions or new looks are, we’d love to see or hear about them and we promise to keep you up to date with all things ‘personalise.’

NEW TO PERSONALISE… 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting time here with our new ‘look & feel’ website, still choc full of our fave raves but also set to feature new and exciting product, such as our new ‘Photo Cards’; Now you’ll be able to insert and capture personal snaps on some of the best licenses available. We’ll keep you posted on our newest designs.

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DISAPPOINTMENT… like much of the rest of the world has its fair share of Man Utd fans, so some long faces today as United lost their last real hope of silverware this year; I’m sure they’ll be hoping that the signing of Mata will put a halt to their less than sparkling year.

It’s a shame, as this season (United excepted) is proving to be one of the most competitive for years, with Arsenal, Chelsea & Man City all harboring real hopes of success.

HOWEVER…Talking of success, it was great to see Mrs Brown’s Boys wining Best Comedy at the ‘National Television Awards’ we’ve always loved the maverick matriarch and we know millions of you feel the same. Congratulations to all the winners, great to see British Televsion celebrating its talent, it really is world class.

 MORE SUCCESS…We’re definitely in the throws of award season with Danilo doing rather well for itself at the Oscars for calendars, namely the National Calendar Awards, scooping 4 awards in total, including Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary calendar, definitely one to savour.

SO FAR…2014 has set off at a real pace and with lots of special anniversaries coming up, Friends  25th, Simpsons 30th, Hello Kitty 40th & Elvis’ 60th, its shaping up to be one to remember. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date with all things personalise and once again happy 2014.

2 week Christmas Countdown

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Where did 2013 go? And December seems to have been on double time, blink & we’ve only got two weeks left till the big day itself, if that sends you into a blind panic, you’re not alone. However it’s still possible to avoid disaster. If you need to send overseas Calendars for the 25th, now’s the time but you need to be quick. Click, click.

However, it seems nothing stops for football and where the Champions league is concerned, English teams have so far, bought home the bacon, some more convincingly than others it has to be said. Mancunians on both sides of the Irwell will be pleased, especially City taking revenge on Bayern Munich and bringing to an end the Germans 15 games undefeated record. Utd finished top of a lack luster group, hopefully giving them time to find their top gear. Tonight it’s the turn of Chelsea & Arsenal, with Chelsea fighting to finish top of their table, unbelievably it’s Arsenal who could fail to qualify. Top of their respective group, mathematically they could go out but only if the gods conspire against them. It is testament to the strength of the Premiership that all English teams look likely to qualify for the knock out stages and take up a quarter of all places available.  Domestically there isn’t a fixture you can confidently predict which makes for an exciting season; Will Arsenal still be on top come the end of May, Gooners of the world unite! Don’t forget is the home of football calendars and here at you can add that personal touch, all at the press of a button.

X factor is reaching its climax this weekend, what will lie in store for the winner? World domination like their predecessors, One Direction? The fabulous five have had the year of their lives and it’s no surprise to see them top of the Calendar wish list. We might not be able to promise you a year with the boys in person but we can offer you the next best thing, a year full of dates featuring the most wanted boy band EVER. If you don’t want to miss out, take the one direction you need to, to avoid disappointment all round.

Finally, this week marked the death of Nelson Mandela, arguably the greatest person of the 21st Century. The week has been full of anecdotes about this formidable man, from the great and the good, to ordinary citizens. What’s clear is that he touched millions world wide and built a new historic landscape. After 27 years of incarceration, Madiba emerged with a peaceful determination that brought down governments and conquered apartheid, not a bad epitaph. South Africa and the world are in his debt and the world is a poorer place for his absence.

There’s no getting away from it, the onset of winter is well and truly on us but then again, close your eyes, turn on the radio (if your nocturnal) and relive those halcyon summer days of the ashes, fingers crossed for the same result. Yes it’s the return of the ashes and right now, it’s too early for predictions, however we can delight in the form of the ‘Phantom Menace’ Yes the Brisbane Courier paper is refusing to name Stuart Broad, so they’ve resorted to giving him the ‘menace’ moniker. Here at Personalise, we rather like it; we hope he wreaks havoc on their top order. And with figures like, 5 for 60 it’s a promising start. Lets hope the Barmy Army will all be walking round with ‘Broad’ smiles.

At last the full line up for next year’s football ‘World Cup’ has been decided. Ear nibbler, Suarez will be performing as Uruguay swept pass Jordan, to book their seats. Portugal and Ronaldo left it late only securing a place after beating Sweden in the play offs. Their win however means Ibrahimovic won’t play on the world stage, what a shame it was an either/or between him & Christiano.  And France became the first team to overturn a 2 goal deficit to qualify, after beating Ukraine 3-0. Unfortunately England have finished 2013 with back to back defeats, however you could be forgiven for thinking it’s best to get these out of way before next year.

And if all that’s not enough, we’ve had the 50th celebration of the greatest Doctor on ours or any other planet. The Good Doctor was honoured Saturday 23rd November with a special episode featuring two of his latest incarnations and
their assistants.  If your house is anything like ours, everything else had been set aside, popcorn bought and seats booked whether it’s on a sofa or at a cinema. It promised to be a real event and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Don’t forget our special Dr Who anniversary calendar over at is available. It has been so popular that it has even made the top 3 of Danilo’s 2014 calendar chart!

Another first for us, it’s our new PHOTO CARDS, here at our newly redesigned website We’ve made it possible for you and your loved ones to feature on cards with some of your favourite celebrities, football teams or characters. AND if all this isn’t enough, their available at an introductory price of £2.79. What’s stopping you? Stop reading this and start snapping now.  SMILE….

Isn’t it great to be able to look back & say what a fabulous summer we’ve enjoyed, it’s been full of wonderful weather, events and memories and thankfully, it’s not as if, all good things must come to an end.

With the days getting shorter and the temperature heading north, we’ve been buoyed by England’s well deserved victories, enough to ensure a place on the road to Rio next year. Roy Hodgson and his team had to secure two wins to avoid the dreaded ‘play offs’ and win their place outright at next year’s World Cup.  Heading their group table, they’ve made many a football fan happy, so we better get practicing those Samba moves.

And if you can’t wait, don’t forget our football calendars and cards, just waiting for you to make your own at

Even add the World Cup as one of your memorable dates, that way you’ll be able to count down the days.

Another highlight of recent autumn’s, is the TV scheduling, with both the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, going toe to toe (excuse the pun) to claim the crown of most watched family entertainment.

The Strictly line-up makes fabulous reading, as they say, from the sublime to the ridiculous. You’ll have to decide which is which; with even a breakfast TV Presenter making a really good fist of it, what next?

The X Factor has bought back the Queen of the Screen. Sharon Osbourne has made her way back to the fold, but for only year, so with Gary Barlow announcing this as his last year, it seems only fitting that they see out their final showdown together. Here at Danilo & it’s clear we’re big X Factor fans, you only have to look our Calendar role list, to see many ‘old boys & girls’ among them. With One Direction leading the onslaught, but with those Union J boys close on their heels, it will be fascinating to see who takes the next title. Watch this space…………………..

All this competition never hurt anyone and it certainly makes the countdown to Christmas that much more enjoyable, even if it cuts short those vital Saturday shopping days.

Cycling Brits

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At the moment it’s a case of, another week, another major sporting event in which British sports men & women have been wowing the world with the depth & breadth of our sporting achievements

The Tour de France is winding up to it’s conclusion on Sunday night and barring accidents or an act of god, Chris Froome seems odds on to be the 2nd British rider to win the tour, like buses, you don’t get one for 99 years and then two come along almost at the same time. Bradley Wiggins win shouldn’t overshadow Froome’s, Wiggo had Chris to help him to victory, where as Froome has had to rely on a depleted and somewhat bruised Sky team. Hats off to Geraint Thomas, riding with a cracked pelvis, in a bid to help his team and team mate and Richie Porte, the man who seems to be in the right place at the right team to give Froome much needed support. Roll on Sunday, on the Champ Elysees, it’s set to crown off the tour nicely, with Cavendish hopefully taking the sprint & Froome being awarded the title, vive la Grande Britannia.

And as it that wasn’t enough, we’ve been treated to another phenomenal ashes test. It’s all been said before but the 1st test at Trent Bridge was like a whole test series in miniature. It broke so many records with young Agar making history and Australia nearly chasing down a run record of their own. However victory went to Alistair Cook’s side but only just, winning by 14 runs, and DRS taking a leading part, it bodes well for the test at Lords. But where’s Billy? Let him come & Blow his trumpet. Already it’s warming up to be a ding donger, with England 28 for 3 at one stage, but they’ve rallied under the stewardship of Bell and are now in the 200′s, only time will tell. Who said it would be a white wash, it’s gearing up to be one of the great Ashes series.

And then there’s the British Open which teed off today. Some very interesting match ups. It’s a marathon not a sprint so we’ll just keep watching till the final ball is putted.

Maybe the less said about the women’s English football team the better, beaten by Spain & managing a draw in injury time against Russia. They only need to beat one of the favourites in France to attempt to progress, why oh why does football always seem to be our Achilles heel. We wish them well.

Our sympathies go to Cory Monteith’s family and friends, the Glee actor who died in a Vancover hotel on Monday. He will be sorely missed by his fans and fellow actors alike.

77 years of hurt over

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What a difference a day makes, or in this case a few days.

The summer of sport marches on and for the most part it is a march to a very British sounding drum.

First there was the Lion’s win, ney rout over the aussies, and in their own back garden. Much has been made of Rugby’s decline in this particular part of the southern hemisphere, but Australia was more than up for this particular four yearly battle and with the series levelled, all was to play for; That was until the second half of the final game when the Lions transformed what was a win into an onslaught. Congratulations to one and all, the first series win in 13 years is something to savour.

Then just as we were digesting the Lion’s win, came the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final, featuring none other than the No. 1 & No. 2 of male tennis. With the sun beating down on centre court, the scene was set for yet another epic, what happened next was frankly nothing short of astounding.
With the crowd behind him Andy Murray when on to beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets, yes straight sets, much easier to write than to accomplish, Murray managed himself and expectations admirably, it was truly an sporting occasion that will be burnt into the memory of those who watched. So after the much talked about 77 years, Britain finally has their Wimbledon Men’s Champion, may Fred rest in peace.

And on we march. In the midst of all this, the Tour de France has reached day ten, with, yes you guessed it, a Brit at the front of the pack. Chris Froome has accumulated a . Lead over his nearest rival, with Team Sky giving hiThe summer continues at a pace, hardly a day goes by without some sporting occasion and we’re enjoying every moment of it. If you can count sitting biting your nails to the quick, pacing the floor and walking in and out of the room while listening to Andy Murray battle his way to the semis at Wimbledon, enjoyment. And just when it looked like Lewis Hamilton was going to win his first race of the 2013 Grand Prix season at Silverstone, his legs were pulled from beneath him or in this case, his tyre burst beneath him, went from first to last but battled his way back to fourth, no mean feat.

Moyes for Manchester United

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The summer continues at a pace, hardly a day goes by without some sporting occasion and we’re enjoying every moment of it. If you can count sitting biting your nails to the quick, pacing the floor and walking in and out of the room while listening to Andy Murray battle his way to the semis at Wimbledon, enjoyment. And just when it looked like Lewis Hamilton was going to win his first race of the 2013 Grand Prix season at Silverstone, his legs were pulled from beneath him or in this case, his tyre burst beneath him, went from first to last but battled his way back to fourth, no mean feat.

It’s been a strange old Wimbledon so far; hardly any rain and cedes dropping like nine pins. The tone was set on day one with the early exit of Nadal and has continued alarmingly. Slipping aside, you would have been hard pressed to predict today’s female semi-finalists, perhaps the biggest shock of Wimbledon 13, was the exit of Serene Williams, everyone had practically handed her the title, especially after her onslaught at the French Open. Then yesterday things returned to more familiar territory with that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, as Murray put us through the wringer. But hat’s off to the young man, he pulled it out of the bag. However lucking in the background is Novak Djokovic, who looks in imperious form. Think it’s going to be a scorcher in more ways than one come the weekend.

And then there’s the Lion’s tour, it’s an all score draw at the moment but all that is going to change on Saturday, its showdown time. There’s been a bit of a hokey cokey with the Wallabies captain, James Horwill, first he’s in, then he’s out, now he’s definitely in again, he could well be the difference between glory and defeat. Spare a thought for Sam Warburton, the Lion’s captain, out through injury and then there’s Brian O’Driscoll who many thought would be handed the Captains role, not even on the bench. Hearts will rise and fall with the ball, maybe spend sometime in the mouth and then finally be filled with joy or despair depending on which side of the bars the ball falls. Come on the Lion’s, let it roar.

As if that’s not enough, the most gruelling cycling race in the world has kicked off; with a somewhat farcical start in Corsica as the Orica Green Edge bus got stuck under the finishing line. There goes that hokey cokey again, the finish was in, then out, then in again, as if racing wasn’t enough, no wonder there was a massive pile up. Still the British guys are finding their feet, yesterday Mark Cavendish won his first stage of the race to notch up 24 stage wins and Chris Froome now ominously stands only 5 secs off the leader.

Other note worthy sporting wins, Paul Casey won the Irish Open last weekend, long time tipped for greatest, Paul put in a fabulous final round, with an eagle on the final hole, now that’s how to finish. While Mo Farah, Jessica Judd, Christine Ohuruogu and Perri Shakes-Drayton all notched up wins in Birmingham at the latest Diamond League meeting, boding well for the World Championships in August. All that’s exhausted me, I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room, before the next round of battles commence.

More sedately, Man Utd under new manager Moyes, have just announced that both Ryan Giggs & Phil Neville will have coaching roles at Utd. Giggs has signed up for another year as player/coach, while Phil Neville will be part of the coaching team. Don’t forget Danilo is the home of licensed football calendars, or go one step further and personalise them at

Happy 50th Dr Who

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So it’s finally been announced, after weeks of rumour, Matt Smith, will officially be handing over his sonic screwdriver to a new time lord but not before he appears in the 50th anniversary episode this November. Mr Smith faced some challenge taking over from the ever popular David Tennant and I for one wasn’t quite sure he could; but I am more than happy to concede that not only did he take over smoothly but he made the Dr his own. In our house, as in many others across the land Matt Smith is THEIR Dr Who. So the perennial question arises, who’s ‘Who is Who?’.
For those of you who can’t wait till November, why not buy a Danilo 2014 special 50th anniversary calendar out at the end of July, available at, it will keep you going through the barren months.

It’s good to see one of football’s nice guys getting his just rewards, this week it was announced that Roberto Martinez will take over from David Moyes as Everton Manager. Great manager, great club, let’s hope they make a better shape of it than the club did of the badge. Evertonians were left less than impressed with the new makeover, which turned out to be something of a makeunder, they should’ve taken notice of their own motto, ‘Nothing but the best is good enough’.

He’s back, the ‘Special One’ has returned. In something of a Stone Roses ‘Second Coming’, he has returned, ensconced at Stamford Bridge. With his love affair with Spanish football hitting the rocks, Mourinho is once more to grace the Premiership. With his self belief and great turn of phrase, he is sure to enliven the league, roll on August.