2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year at! Firstly we are delighted to say that we have extended our personalised product offering to now include quality GIFTS for all your favourite football teams!! You can choose from official MUGS, PRINTS and TSHIRTS to more luxurious EXECUTIVE GIFTS and ACCESSORIES and make these extra special by adding your own personalisation!
AND all these gifts come with FREE Delivery, so you don’t have to worry about any extra costs when buying your personalised gift!
PLUS For those of you who like to stay in touch on the move, has now improved and optimised its mobile offering and availability. We want you to be no further than a smart phone away, providing you more opportunity to stay on top of those important dates. This new mobile optimised site mirrors the look and feel of the desktop website and even allows you to personalise photo cards and 2015 Calendars! mobile site home page mobile site card page mobile site calendar page mobile site pages
And if this wasn’t enough, we even added on some new designs and ranges for you. As well as all new official 2015 Calendars, we now have new Football designs and new ranges such as My Little Pony, Batman 66, How to Train Your Dragon, In the Night Garden, Monster High, and Despicable Me, have a look at them here
despicable me personalised card spurs captain personalised card arsenal captain personalised card

Which Brand best suits you??

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This December, we held a competition to win £100 if you could find where the sneaky Reindeer was hiding on our website!

Many thanks to the hundreds of people that entered and guessed correctly that he was hiding on the Calendars page, but it was Ms Rebekah Jones who was randomly selected to be the lucky winner!

Following up with Rebekah, we asked her the following questions:


Q: Congratulations on winning’s Christmas Competition. How are you feeling?

A: It feels fantastic to win this, I have previously only won small prizes but this was a big win for me. The cheque could not have come at a better time. Not only is it Christmas in our house, but November and December are also all three of our children’s birthdays…. with the last falling on New years Eve. So as you can imagine it is an expensive time of year


Q: Now that you have received your cheque, how do you plan to spend it this Christmas time?

A: I have fibromyalgia, m.e and epilepsy so my husband has had to become my full time carer, money is scarce, so this will make our Christmas a much more comfortable time money wise. We will be able to put a little more money towards some extra presents for the children. We are spending Christmas at home as a family this year and going to my Mum’s for Christmas lunch.

And here is a picture of the lucky lady herself with her £100 cheque :)












So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team and make sure you keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with all our latest personalised products, offers and competitions!

Great news for all One Directioners….We are delighted to announce that we now have our new range of Official One Direction Greetings Cards loaded and ready to personalise!

Featuring updated images of Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam against a funky background, this new card range is the perfect way to wish any friend or relative a Happy Birthday. You can personalise your card by changing the name, age, relation and even add a photo – ensuring your card is truly unique!

And even better – they only cost £2.99 AND include FREE UK Delivery – Plus if your order your card before 2pm Monday – Friday (except bank holidays) your order will be printed and posted on the same day!

NEW One Direction Personalised Card Range


It’s very kind of those gentlemen at FIFA to arrange the World Cup around Father’s Day, it’s like a world-wide present to all dads, or at least that’s what we’ll be telling ours on Sunday when we’ve burnt the celebratory dinner and eaten the chocolates we bought him!

If you don’t know that the World Cup starts this week, you’ve either been pot holing on the Isle of Mull for the last couple of weeks or walking round with ear plugs in and avoiding all media.  Everybody keeps saying that the pressure if off England because nobody expects them to do well, but we don’t buy it. While nobody really expects England to arise victorious with the Jules Remy cup, everybody still wants them to do well. Poor old Rooney has been dissected every which way and we haven’t even seen a ball kicked yet. Really what we all hope is that they give a good account of themselves but in the heat & humidity of Brazil it will be a big ask. Good Luck to all taking part, let’s hope it’s a memorable World Cup and may the best men win and if that’s not England, fingers crossed, your sweepstake team might sweeten the pill.

If, in all the build up to the world cup you have actually forgotten it’s Father’s Day this Sunday 15th June, then take a look at our range of cards and personalise it, be quick, there’s no time to lose. In addition to FREE UK Delivery, if you order by 2pm, we will dispatch your card the same day!

Personalised Father's Day Card Range

Personalised Father's Day Card Range












And in this time of celebration and joy to all men, let’s even it out with something for the ladies. Step forward, One Direction who are wowing audiences at their sell out tours. London is awash with European females flying in to enjoy what this uniquely British band have to offer.  For the One Directioner in your life, check out our latest cards over at - We have some great new designs being released soon for only £2.99 and with FREE UK delivery, its not expensive to personalise an official birthday card your family and friends will love.

Father's Day Competition with

Father's Day Competition with






Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re not sure what to get your dad to say thank you, why not enter our fantastic competition to win a Virgin Experience “Deluxe Collection” Package, worth  a whopping £99.

If you win, you will be able to select the perfect experience from over 65 different choices to make Father’s Day that extra special!

To enter please visit our Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus pages before 11th June 2014!

We also have a great range of Personalised Father’s Day Cards here from all your favourite TV, Comedy, Sport and Film Brands. Only £2.99 and FREE UK Delivery. Worldwide Delivery available. Plus order your card by 2pm and we can deliver within UK for next day!

We can’t believe it’s already May on our personalised calendar – this year is literally flying by! May is one of our favourite months as we see temperatures starting to rise, we have lots of fabulous bank holidays to enjoy and we also have some great football finales to watch!

We’ve already had one exciting result with the Premier League final that took place last weekend! A big congratulations to Man City who managed to bag their 2nd Premiership title in 3 years. Up until the last week or so this was a really close race, with Liverpool performing well above everyone’s expectations.

We also have the small matter of the F.A.Cup to be decided, will Arsenal put pay to all those naysayers & win all gunners blazing? Some are saying it’ll it be a make or break situation for Arsene Wenger, or will Hull, who feature in their first ever F.A. Cup final, heap even more misery on ‘Gooners’ shoulders and emerge victorious? Well, we will soon find out…

For fanatical football fans, it will be a relief that the World Cup is just around the corner. With Hodgson introducing lots of new blood to the team, we
wonder how England will fair this time, especially in our first match against Italy on June 14th!

And with Father’s Day just around the corner, you could be forgiven for thinking along football lines for a little longer. With this annual celebration of dad’s everywhere only a month away (Sunday 15th June), now is the time to make a little reminder so you don’t forget your dad’s card! And if he is an avid footy fan then we have the perfect personalised cards available!


Father's Day Personalised Cards

Father's Day Personalised Cards



We also have a great range of non-football related Father’s Day cards at including some fantastic new designs from Family Guy, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Only Fools and Horses, Despicable Me Minions, Wallace and Gromit and many more…Plus there are only £2.99 each and include FREE UK delivery!!

We think all Fathers deserve their own special day. When they can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked for them, enjoy full sway over all remote controls in the house & tell as many silly jokes as possible. So some would say, just another normal day then!




The UK has an illustrious history when it comes to boy bands; we can legitimately claim to have created the first, and some would say, the best boy bands ever formed!

The Beatles were the first group to truly ignite the loyalty and devotion that comes with the territory of ‘boy bands.’ Since then, we’ve never been short of marvellous males to swoon over. From the Bay City Rollers, Take That, Five to Westlife and more recently One Direction.

But prepare yourself for the next British boy band sensation ‘Union J’.

Made of up of Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley and George Shelley, the band were formed through the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012. Despite only coming fourth in the competition, Union J are firmly set on the road to stardom.

Union J have all the ingredients necessary to make it in the tough world of music.

Handsome, charming and hardworking, they have already gained a substantial following of fans, also known as ‘JCats’ (1.42million Twitter followers and 1.3million Facebook fans).

With all the activity they have planned, 2014 could well be the year of Union J! In particular, we’re excited to see there are 3 more singles and a second album on the horizon. Plus there will be additional product launches, festival performances and other public appearances, meaning we will be seeing a lot more of these four cheeky chappies! Great news for all JCats!

Plus, even more good news if you’re a fan – you can now celebrate your birthday with the boys with these official personalised Union J birthday cards. From only £2.99 and with Free UK Delivery.

P. S Stay tuned to our Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts as we may be looking to giveaway some signed Union J calendars soon….

The first few weeks of any new year can be some of the harshest; with the combination of paying for the excesses of Christmas, cold, wet weather and short, dark days, it can all take its toll and leave you feeling downhearted.

Just as well then that February sees the welcome arrival of St.Valentines day, where romantic souls can let loose with flights of fancy and declare their feelings of love and affection with cards and gifts.  But how did this holiday and card-giving tradition actually come about?

History of Valentine’s Day and Giving of Cards

Valentine greetings have actually been popular since the Middle Ages, a time when prospective lovers said or sang their romantic verses, however it wasn’t until 1400’s that this Christian feast day became definitively associated with love and the first written Valentines messages were introduced. The oldest known Valentine’s Day card was written by the imprisoned Charles, the Duke of Orleans, to his wife in 1415.

Whilst there has been much mystery surrounding the origins of Valentine’s Day, most scholars believe that it celebrates Saint Valentine, a young Catholic priest, who in Roman times conducted marriage ceremonies against the Emperor’s wishes. Emperor Claudius believed young men who enlisted in the army, made better soldiers if they weren’t encumbered by marriage, (slightly short sighted if you ask me, as how he thought he’d stock future armies without more children is a mystery). However for the lucky few, Father Valentine performed clandestine marriages, making himself unpopular with the Roman Empire. So unpopular in fact, that they had him executed! It is also said that while in prison awaiting his execution, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and allegedly sent her a letter signed ‘love from your valentine’.


                        St Valentine                                

Over the centuries, this romantic holiday has evolved but it was the Victorians who really picked up the ball and ran with it, introducing the custom of sending handmade Valentines cards, seizing the chance to display how they felt about loved ones. And so popular has it become, that it is now ranks second on the list of the occasions on which to send cards (with over 1 billion cards being sent worldwide) only out stripped by Christmas.

One of Oldest Preserved Valentines Cards (1790)

So for the romantic among us, don’t forget to send your love to the one you love tomorrow and hope you all have a Happy Valentines’ Day!

Plus here’s a few more fun facts you might not know about Valentine’s Day:

  • More than 110 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day
  • Approx 73% of Valentine’s Day flowers are sent by men with 15% of women sending themselves flowers
  • Approx 3% send cards to their pets. Dogs being the most popular pet, then cats
  • Women spend almost half of what Men do on Valentines Day
  • More than 30% of men would prefer not to receive a gift while less than 20% of women feel the same way

HAPPY NEW YEAR….You know how it is, it always takes a couple of weeks to remember to write 2014, so we’ll get some practice in right now & wish you all a happy and memorable 2014, new year, new beginnings and a new look here at

Let us know what your New Year resolutions or new looks are, we’d love to see or hear about them and we promise to keep you up to date with all things ‘personalise.’

NEW TO PERSONALISE… 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting time here with our new ‘look & feel’ website, still choc full of our fave raves but also set to feature new and exciting product, such as our new ‘Photo Cards’; Now you’ll be able to insert and capture personal snaps on some of the best licenses available. We’ll keep you posted on our newest designs.

For those of you who like to stay in touch on the move, is planning to improve optimise its mobile offering and availability. We want to be no further than a smart phone away, providing you more opportunity to stay on top of those important dates.

COME SEE US… It’s all go at this week as we and our sister company Danilo get ready to attend Spring Fair at the NEC; So if you ever wanted to put some faces to our site, pop over to Hall 4, Stand E08 and check out the array of talent on show.

DISAPPOINTMENT… like much of the rest of the world has its fair share of Man Utd fans, so some long faces today as United lost their last real hope of silverware this year; I’m sure they’ll be hoping that the signing of Mata will put a halt to their less than sparkling year.

It’s a shame, as this season (United excepted) is proving to be one of the most competitive for years, with Arsenal, Chelsea & Man City all harboring real hopes of success.

HOWEVER…Talking of success, it was great to see Mrs Brown’s Boys wining Best Comedy at the ‘National Television Awards’ we’ve always loved the maverick matriarch and we know millions of you feel the same. Congratulations to all the winners, great to see British Televsion celebrating its talent, it really is world class.

 MORE SUCCESS…We’re definitely in the throws of award season with Danilo doing rather well for itself at the Oscars for calendars, namely the National Calendar Awards, scooping 4 awards in total, including Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary calendar, definitely one to savour.

SO FAR…2014 has set off at a real pace and with lots of special anniversaries coming up, Friends  25th, Simpsons 30th, Hello Kitty 40th & Elvis’ 60th, its shaping up to be one to remember. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date with all things personalise and once again happy 2014.